Carpet Stain Removal

Remove rust from carpet Like a Professional

This post will explain how Ally Turnkey ¬†and most professionals remove rust from carpet. I will also work on many other surfaces. It is very easy to do. Please make […]

Bleach Stain On Carpet – Spot Color Repair – Carpet Dye

Bleach Spot Dyed At a Carpet Cleaning Tampa Fl

How to Remove Kool Aid and Other Red Stains from Carpet

Hiring a professional Carpet Cleaner is the safest and easiest way to remove stains fromyour carpet. If used incorrectly professional stain removal products can damage or even bleach out areas […]

Pet accident on carpet – What do I Do?

O my, Fido had an accident on my carpet. Please help me. We get alot of calls about this so Im going to put this in a blog post. If […]