We prepare the unit for new Tenant Occupancy by making sure the inner workings of the apartment are functional, mechanically sound, and clean.


Check entire apartment for mechanical failures of fridge, stove, cabinets, microwave, blinds, switches, faucets, lights, bulbs, locks, doors and hardware, garbage disposal, toilets, smoke detectors, vents, plumbing, ceiling fans, towel and TP holders, door stops, diverter cartridge, other items.

Replace/repair broken items as needed.

Caulk all wet areas as needed.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Clean Coils—add pan tablets.

Temperature Check

Check float switch.

Clear drain line if accessible

Change air filter.


Correct cosmetic damage to drywall, baseboard, doors and trim.

Replace broken doors and basic carpentry.


Fill nail holes and apply quality paint product on walls, doors, base, and ceilings as needed.


Complete clean from top to bottom.

Carpet & Tile Cleaning

Clean all flooring with industry standard methods.

Hot water extraction(Steam Cleaning)

Remove stains and deodorize.