Red stain on carpetHiring a professional Carpet Cleaner is the safest and easiest way to remove stains fromyour carpet. If used incorrectly professional stain removal products can damage or even bleach out areas of your carpet.   Many factors should be considered like type of carpet and age of the stain.Ally Turnkey Company carpet cleaners have successfully removed thousands of red and other types of stains.  If your in doubt, Please call us to help you.


There are many professional Red Dye stain removal Products to Choose From. Consult you supplier for the proper products.

Things you will need.

  1. Red Stain Removal Product
  2. Steam Iron
  3. White Terry Cloth Towel.
  4. Mixing jar or spray bottle

First Blot any excess liquid from the area. Next you will mix equal parts of solution A and Solution B In a spray Bottle or Mixing jar. Apply a small amount of your solution to the stain. You will want to start off with a small amount and increase if needed at a later step.

The next step is to apply the steam to the stain. Wet a terry towel with water and wrap around the iron. Put the iron on its highest steam setting and apply to the stain. Iron should only be used in short bursts of 10 to 20 seconds. At this stage you  can damage your carpet, so be very careful and pay attention to the level of heat you apply. Hover the iron over the stain to control the heat if needed.

If the stain is not fading apply a little more of your solution and repeat the heating process. When the stain has faded to the desired level use wet terry towels to blot out as much of the cleaning solution as possible. It is recomended to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner to remove any residue left over.