This post will explain how Ally Turnkey  and most professionals remove rust from carpet. I will also work on many other surfaces. It is very easy to do. Please make sure you do not skip the first step. Always test your products for color fastness. You could make the problem worse. If your unsure please contact us or another Professional Carpet Cleaner in your area to help you.


Things you will need

  1. Rust removal Product : Get from local Janitoral store
  2. Scraping tool. Can use butter knife
  3. Shop Vacuume
  4. Terry Towel



  1. Test  product in inconspicuous area for color fastness
  2. Scrape excess hard rust and remove or vacuume
  3. Apply rust removal Product
  4. Agitate with Scraping tool or Product bottle
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 Until Stain is gone.
  6. Blot excess product up with terry towel rinse with water and shopp vac.
  7. Follow up with Carpet cleaning using Hot Water Extraction(Carpet Steam Cleaning)